Alessia On The Rocks (Original Music)



We love the electron that excites the spirits... this is our music and its estrus should ever remain the joint between the Rodney Bingenheimer's premonitions and the art of Marilyn Minter...

We are Alessia On The Rocks!

  • Alessia Gerardi (main vocal)
  • Alberto Orsi (guitar & backing vocal)
  • Daniele Sirbu Villa (keyboards & backing vocal)
  • Davide Perini (bass & backing vocal)
  • Samuele Belotti (drums & backing vocal)




Since Davide and Daniele had already known Alessia for a long time and collaborated with her on many occasions, in the summer of 2018 they proposed to start together the current project to freely experiment and write music strictly from their point of view. For that purpose and to complete the group, Daniele invited two high school mates, Alberto and Samuele, to join them. The rest of the story can only be listen...


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